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Atreyu - A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006) - We Stand Up

We Stand Up
A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006)

I've watched the sun go (dancing) fall
ive watched the night reign
please note that casual...observers are always
the first to go, so this is for me and the boys
we'll always play our part, to kick and scream
to be the ones you hate to love
I can never turn my back because this is all I know
you know all that is the truth, we are all that we have
in a world that corrupts the strongest soul
you know all that is the truth

if you blink don't do it twice, ive still got something to say here
I will bear my heart to expose my soul
if honesty has a price, then I wont fucking pay it
we will take our dreams straight to the grave

so choke on this and on my words,
and on us, and on my honesty
its of no consequence, because i've seen the opulence
the beauty ive held in my eyes,
its only for seconds
words will never take away
what we have built together,
with our hands, with our hearts, with our minds



if this is just in our heads then
we'll keep on living the perfect lie
one day at a time god bless our,
cheating hearts and damn your lies
one day at a time god bless us



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