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Congregation of The Damned (2009)
Song [16] Video Rating
Stop! Before It's Too Late And We've Destroyed It All!videoklip1.3
Bleeding Is A Luxury1.3
Congregation of The Damned1.5
Coffin Nails1.5
Black Days Begin1.3
Storm To Pass1.3
You Were The King, Now You're Unconscious1.4
So Wrong1.6
Wait For You1.3
We Are The Living Dead (Bonus Track)1.3
Bravery (Bonus Track)1.4
Another Night (Wishing I Wasn't Here) (Bonus Track)1.3
Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007)
Song [13] Video Rating
Falling Downvideoklip2
Becoming The Bullvideoklip1.8
When Two Are Onevideoklip1.8
Lose Itvideoklip1.8
No One Caresvideoklip1.6
Can't Happen Herevideoklip1.6
Slow Burnvideoklip1.7
Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor)videoklip1.6
Clean Sheetsvideoklip1.7
A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006)
Song [9] Video Rating
Our Sick Story (Thus Far)1.5
The Theftvideoklip1.6
We Stand Up1.5
Ex’s and Oh’svideoklip1.6
Your Private War1.5
My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back)videoklip1.5
Untitled Finale1.5
The Curse (2004)
Song [14] Video Rating
Blood Children (An Introduction)0
Bleeding Mascaravideoklip1.7
Right Side Of The Bedvideoklip1.5
This Flesh A Tombvideoklip1.6
You Eclipsed By Mevideoklip1.6
The Crimsonvideoklip1.8
The Remembrance Balladvideoklip1.7
An Interlude0
Demonology And Heartachevideoklip1.7
My Sanity On The Funeral Pyrevideoklip1.7
Nevada's Gracevideoklip1.6
Five Vicodin Chased With A Shot Of Clarityvideoklip1.5
You Give Love A Bad Namevideoklip1.8
Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (2002)
Song [10] Video Rating
A Song For The Optimistsvideoklip3.1
Ain't Love Grandvideoklip4
Living Each Day Like You're Already Deadvideoklip3
Deanne The Arsonistvideoklip3
Someone's Standing On My Chest3.1
At Least I Know I'm A Sinnervideoklip3.2
Tulips Are Bettervideoklip3.1
A Vampire's Lament3.5
Lip Gloss And Blackvideoklip4.9
Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty (2002)
Song [5] Video Rating
Living Each Day Like You're Already Deadvideoklip2.7
Tulips Are Bettervideoklip2.8
A Letter To Someone Like Youvideoklip2.9
Taking Back Every Word That I Saidvideoklip2.6
Someones Standing On My Chestvideoklip3.1
Visions (1995)
Song [7] Video Rating
As The Line Between Machinery And Humanity Blursvideoklip1.5
Who Died1.9
Love Is Illness1.6
Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tearsvideoklip1.7
Never Too Far Gonevideoklip1.7
Of Gods And Monstersvideoklip1.7
Dinosaurs Became Extinct1.6

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