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Zebrahead - Yellow (1998) - Swing

Yellow (1998)

Here I come
Force like a vector, radar dector, abandon you cause I'm a
Loyalty reflective, crooked lie objective, never trust you cause
you are decpetive
Base burned sample, lyrics are ample, don't step to me cause
you I will trample
Mainstream averted, tracker inserted, found someting pure but it
was perveted
If I ever got a chance, should I swing
Step to the side, swallow your pride, ignorance breeds more laws to
Ideal in your mind, expectation defined, picture distroted and you
claim what is mine
Battle like war, chaos in store, money and power always glorify
Needless tradition, chose my position, sprung like a lion to meet
Third verse and I'm gonna bust a new topic
Don't come to front cause you know I'll say stop it
Money you're a liar, printed on a flyer
Tunred my back on you and you said fire
All shapes on the wall fall to for one quote
Check out the note the I wrote
And the hip hop hordes that have always been born on the
Degenerate me
here comes my chance should I swing.


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