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Zao - All Else Failed (2003) - In Loving Kindness

In Loving Kindness
All Else Failed (2003)

We are a new creation
the old has gone,
the new has come
Reconciled us to Himself Through Christ Jesus
We will be free,
forever knowing what will become of us
Thank you for the cross
Trusting in the balance
Has tilted me toward righteousness
Lifting my spirit once again
Sinking not in my functioning Inhale,
exhale this over and over again
Looking for tomorrow forgetting about today
Striving to tell them the truth
Dying, dying, dead Through prayer and sacrifice into all the earth
With love and understanding
Now I look to importance
Standing here steadfast
To renew the spirit within me
Do not cast me from your presence
Or take Your Holy Spirit from me.




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