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This Modern Glitch (2011)
Song [10] Video Rating
Our Perfect Disease1.5
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)1.2
Jump Into The Fog1.4
Last Night I Dreamt1.5
Techno Fan1.4
Walking Disasters1.2
Girls/Fast Cars1.5
Schumacher The Champagne2
The Wombats Proudly Present A Guide To Love Loss And Desperation (2007)
Song [13] Video Rating
Tales Of Girls, Boys And Marsupialsvideoklip1.3
Kill The Directorvideoklip1.3
Moving To New Yorkvideoklip1.2
Lost In The Post1.2
Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)videoklip1.2
School Uniformsvideoklip1.4
Here Comes The Anxietyvideoklip1.4
Let's Dance To Joy Divisionvideoklip1.2
Backfire At The Discovideoklip1.3
Little Miss Pipedreamvideoklip1.3
Dr. Suzanne Mattox PHDvideoklip1.2
Patricia The Strippervideoklip1.2
My First Wedding1.2
Girls, Boys And Marsupials (2006)
Song [12] Video Rating
Moving To New Yorkvideoklip1.4
Lost In The Postvideoklip1.3
Patricia The Stripper1.2
Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)videoklip1.3
Backfire At The Disco1.3
My First Weddingvideoklip1.3
Metro Songvideoklip1.4
Derail And Crashvideoklip1.5
Little Miss Pipedreamvideoklip1.3
Caravan In Wales1.3
Sunday T.V.1.3

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