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Without A Cross - The Black Hole (2009) - Tormented

Without A Cross
The Black Hole (2009)

“What is mans flaws, the decadence and hatred all man and women kind know all to well. We all dream of a place where hatred and anger do not exist. a dark dream, for our lives to be intertwined into one realm of anti-catastrophic bliss, is it this task we seek, or that of anger, which will swallow us into a black hole of nothing?”

Aspiring stars decaying
Aspiring stars decaying
Locked with chains
So you can’t escape me
I hear you scream
Does that mean your still here
The needle hits your eye
And fills you with fear

Welcome to my twisted fantasy
Demons and knives to satisfy me
Lost in a world of make-believe
The sun sets in this dark dream

Need no more to feel me
You are not real to me
There for you cannot live
And so I cannot be
You fall asleep
I leave you there
You wake up
Your dead no one cares

Why would you waste your precious life
Too vulgar for words you end it tonight
This is a place of reminisce
To exist or desist


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