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Waltari - Torcha! (1992) - Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold
Torcha! (1992)

I am a tree with no leaves
I use her as much as she needs
How is my welfare and charm
Coldness pierces through to my thich

As always shit happens
Youll always reap what you will sow
I panic, you dont
We silly people with wicked thoughts

How can I stand what I am
Struggle inside pushed into a can
(The love for my...) hatred!
(The shining of my...) hatred!
Im torn everywhere
Another great feeling:
how I'll get you as fast as I can
You panic, I dont
Its only humanity I steam out

I don't wanna see you in my head
Its alright as long as you stay in bed
Rock me in your cradle to big sleep
Like a real man, I dont wanna weep

I have practised to raise a smile
Thats how I can keep you in my pile
But still in only yours (when passing time)
(...doing time, doing mine, all mine.......its all mine)

How is my welfare and charm
coz I cant give no helping arm
(Youre the screen of my...) hatred!
(Youre the t(h)rashcan of my...) hatred!
Cmon baby get yor share!

No panic, shit happens
Youll always reap what you will sow
You panic, me too
We silly people with wicked thoughts




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