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Waltari - Space Avenue (1997) - Wolves On The Street

Wolves On The Street
Space Avenue (1997)

"I think they don't want 'cha
seeing to mucha, digging grave"
Rave - save me form being pale
Lay me down on your knees, squeeze
'Coz I can't get what I need, this is reality
Driven by stupidity, raising my family
My throat feels hoarse (scene)
Shouting at the doors, cleaning womit from
My floors the alien (without a cause) knows laws
(slow down, slow down...)

You know that I come a place full of disgrace
Danger creeps in every corner,

Boredom is not your border
The cold burn in your cheek, no place to weep
Your home is like uriah heep,

Fright's your only weapon
You're like searching for the treasure at
The rainbow's end
Pain is your friend
Physically mentally, you run with the
Wolves with only stoneage tools
Away from luxury, you need peace
Yo, you live surrounded by colorful trees
But without leaves, man

Full autumn breeze
Wolves on the streets
I'm always ragged,

You don't want me now
Full autumn breeze
Colorful trees
I'm always ragged, Please don't want me now

Yo man, you know I have a jacket made from my blanket
Crawling against the north wind, against the chill
It is time for a pill or a pint of beer
Makes my frozen hand to rouch you closer
To your breakfast filled with mother's milk-
Silk of your sweetnes
'Coz I'm shy it makes me cry on my wooden
Table, with a pint
In my hand I recognize:

my turntable is frozen, but my god:

I should be chosen

Full autumn breeze
Wolves on the streets
I'm always ragged, you don't want me now
Full autumn breeze
Far from your squeeze
I'm always ragged, please don't want me now
I'm the part of the big bad show
I'm the hardened one in the leading role
Truding in a muddy sludge
The ancient child of an ancient rave

"I think they don't want 'cha, living like
too mucha, you're cold!"
Cold?, But cold is bold, bold makes cold,
Tell me what was wrong
They do not care, they do not know that
Here is the truth about the death of Kurt:
He needed danger, the coldeness gave the
Arranger, the arrangement was power
The power was the wind on his cheek
Why try to rip off the power of päkä päkä
Muffins are always lowest (päkä päkä)
I wanna rap in this trap of nature, see my
Trees in a colorful breeze
I never ever wanted too mucha (except your toucha)
Crawling against the cold gives you a strong bass
A branch where those sharp teeth of wolves
Won't hurt
That was the death of Kurt
He craved it but never got it
Everyday life was too hot and burned it
(I wonder what's gonna be inna head, again,
me will see, what will be)

Full autumn breeze
wind tears the leaves
I'm always ragged, please don't want me now
wolves on the street
an ancient breeze
I'm forever ragged, no shelter, please
I'm the part of a big bad show
I'm the hardened one in the leading role
I'm truding in a muddy sludge
I'm forever ragged, don't want me now....


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