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Waltari - Space Avenue (1997) - Blind Zone

Blind Zone
Space Avenue (1997)

Blind zone lies deep within a young man
The lost cells are floating in bioplasma
Blind zone lies deep within an old man
Unconsciousness rules, you can't see the plan

Blind Johnny has one pint in his hand
The soul is searching for a place to hide
But blind zone always decides what you can
You can't do anything, the cells like planets are your destiny

Blind Johnny crawls into a garbage can
He keeps drinking 'till he can't understand
But blind zone makes jupiter take a ride
And those small cells inside start to crawl out into the dark sky
All in all in one

We're all like ... (not just empty space inside)
All in all in one
We're all like one cell in a soul bomb!
one for all and all for one

Hear us now, Johnny started to run
Sommademma say, ain't no way
And sommademma say - it's gonna be today
Givin's us delay
But like Bob Marley: don't wanna wait in vain
'Coz basicly, everyone wants the same

So are we just one - with different names?
Some of us brave, some of us afraid
Some of us say it, some of us wait
Take of your mask - life is no parade
Who ya think ya foolin'?
When yourself is a fake
Simple and clear - we gotta be aware
Conscious mind leads the way
But the vlinded narrow minded zone
Only controls - what we call fear..


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