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Waltari - Blood Sample (2006) - New York

New York
Blood Sample (2006)

Lying on the concrete floor
The friends around me, four concrete walls
The silence inside doesn't tell the truth

Outside people I don't know
Tell me what they're waiting for
I close my eye that I won't see

Swears in the name of crusifix
Squeezes his talisman for kicks
Too many people think too many different things

Chaos, all insanity
measuring the pain from me
Lying here, can't do anything

Unsatisfied with human rights
My mind just filled with those dark sightss
that your spread now on TV

What's the impression you wanna hide??
Blessed be the icon of our times!
So let's stay indoors, beware of the dark

New York
New York
New York

I don't like to see your place
Living in unbalanced embrace
Behind the smile it feels unsafe
Without knowing what you praise

Someone's just telling how it is
and people swallow that peace of shit
The times, they have not changed at all

What's the impression you wanna hide??
So blessed be the icon of our times!
Let's stay indoors, beware of the dark...

New York
New York
New York


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