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Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (1993) - Reign-Carrion

The Ultimate Incantation (1993)

Eternal lust created by the ancient gods
waked up me ones again
my stinkin' corpse abandoned the crypts
I waited for this night in

I'm doomed to transmigration of souls
my sufferin' remains and increases
I can't life and die at rest
My life in death is my fate

Terrible curse that blinds my eyes
Feathers of death make me a slave of my crie
Reincarnation through the ages
Make me a God for the mortals
I bare the cross for next sacrifice
To brake out of the curse

The endless hunger of human life
And bloody lust to kill
Eternal hate of light and day
made me a Prince of Night

Terrible curse that blinds my eyes
Feathers of death make me a slave of my crie
I'll be back
You will die

Mortal visions in your head create your fear
and haunt your mind
Secret fluids from the past brake into brain -
you're insane
My damned life is reborn in your flesh
I am your soul
Now you are me

Secular powers of imensity
Freeze your eyes and putrify your blood
Breath of the ages destroys your will
Opened gates of time absorbe your life

In your veins now floods grubby rot
Your deathlike carrion infected with me

Lust and pain
You feel that in your spolit flesh
Death has broken into your mind
But you're alive

In your veins now floods grubby rot
Your life depends entirely on me

I remember Adam and Eve and time of deluge
I have been the burning of Sodom and fall of Rome
I was Jesus Christ and man consecrated my name
My unholy ghost is damnation of the livin' Hell


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