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Usher - Confessions (2004) - Do It To Me

Do It To Me
Confessions (2004)

Ooh no no, no no no no�.

I got two-dozen roses, and a card that
says baby I can�t wait to see you later
We made dinner reservations, at NOBU,
Mr. Chow, you just pick the location.
Now we�re sitting at the table sippin� the
finest wine having a damn good time
I know what�s on your mind� I want you,
you want me too stop frontin� I know exactly
what you would you wanna do

Do it to me, I wanna feel you touch
my body baby, body baby
Do it to me I garuntee you won�t regret
it let me set it out like you ain�t never had it
Do it to me I want you to grab me talk to
me tell me how you like it when you want
it when you all up on it ooh
Do it to me I�m gonna give it to you, I�m
gonna make this a night to remember

Watchin� you work the stick in the ride ,
the motion how you move from 3rd to 5
And imagine what it�s gon� be when we get inside
And you put that ooh wee on me and you
want me the same way, ooh I can�t wait
I�m tired of thinkin� about it, speakin� about it,
baby it�s time to be about it, turn off the lights,
take off your
clothes, jump in the bed, and let it flow
Squeeze and holdin� bitin� scratchin� spankin�
screamin� pullin� my hair when you need
me everything goes�baby when you�.


So long I waited for this night to get
inside you look in your eyes and tell you
baby take me I�m yours
And if you feel anything like I feel, by the
end of the night I�m certain you�ll be screamin�
for more
I wanna do anything and everything to your
body till you break down can�t take no more
From the bed to the floor, to the top of the stairs
you gon� get it baby please please�ooh DO IT TO ME�







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