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Unjust - Makeshift Grey - When This Ends

When This Ends
Makeshift Grey

[Verse 1]
So be my one, take or leave the call
You're my tie so bring it all up to me
I'll be you vision
You'll be my lungs
Retreat eyes
So take the bitterness all in flames

[Verse 2]
Grim shading walls, nails broke into it
Broken mine, entrust impurity
Melee to shoot it
Bent king now stung
Bleeding eyes
So take the pill to suck the pain

Do you fly...?
Do you fly...?

And I feel like you've stolen
Dangerous intersection

And I feel like I'm broken
Dangerous intersection

It's the only way I feel you now...
I've been waiting so long
Roaming through the worlds on low
And IŐve been draining sore.

Walk through the change (you made)
And tally the losses
If you can only feel their cries
I can't believe you now, what do you see through?
I'm only the parade of this broken hole.

Follow me
Through the change
Turning shame
Just to let you know

World of fame
Plates of greens
Feats of pain, games, and the struggles

{Repeat Chorus}

And I feel like you've stolen
Dangerous intersection


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