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Magic Hotel (2002)
Song [11] Video Rating
Time of My Lifevideoklip0.7
Cloud 90.8
Never Forgotten0.7
Leave Me Be0.7
Lady Let Me Shine0.7
Stupid Games0.7
Following the Sun0.7
Only Desire0.8
Promised the Tide0.8
The Midas Touch0.7
Some Kind of Wonderful0.7
Onka's Big Moka (2000)
Song [12] Video Rating
Let The People Know0.7
Dancing In The Moonlight0.7
Achilles Heel0.7
Do You Know What Your Future Will Be?0.7
Only For A While0.7
Just Hold On0.8
Higher State0.7
High Flying Bird0.6
Summer Cycle0.6
Just About Living0.7
Floating Away (In The Bath Tub)0.7

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