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Drums, The

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The Drums (2010)
Song [12] Video Rating
Best Friend0.8
Me and the Moon0.9
Let's Go Surfingvideoklip2.8
Skippin' Townvideoklip0.9
Book of Stories0.9
Forever and Ever, Amen0.8
Down By the Water1.1
It Will All End in Tears0.8
We Triedvideoklip0.9
I Need Fun in My Life0.9
I'll Never Drop My Swordvideoklip0.9
The Futurevideoklip1
Best Friend (2010)
Song [3] Video Rating
Best Friendvideoklip0.9
Baby, That's Not the Point0.9
You're the One That Makes Me Happy0.7
Summertime! (2009)
Song [7] Video Rating
Let's Go Surfing0.8
Make You Mine0.7
Don't Be a Jerk Johnny0.7
Down By the Water0.8
Saddest Summer0.8
I Felt Stupid0.7

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