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Pussycat Dolls

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Doll Domination (2008)
Song [25] Video Rating
When I Grow Upvideoklip1
Bottle Pop (featuring Snoop Dogg)0.8
Whatcha Think About That (featuring Missy Elliott)videoklip0.8
I Hate This Partvideoklip1.1
Takin' Over the Worldvideoklip0.9
Out of This Club (featuring R. Kelly and Polow Da Don)videoklip0.9
Who's Gonna Love Youvideoklip0.9
Happily Never Aftervideoklip1
In Personvideoklip1
Hush Hush1.7
Love the Way You Love Mevideoklip0.7
I'm Donevideoklip0.9
If I Was a Man by Jessica Suttavideoklip0.8
Space by Melody Thornton0
Don't Wanna Fall in Love by Kimberly Wyatt0
Played by Ashley Roberts0.8
Until U Love U by Nicole Scherzingervideoklip1
Baby Love (J.R. Remix) (featuring will.i.am)0
Lights (featuring New Kids on the Block)0
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps0
When I Grow Up (Junior Caldera Remix Edit) (iTunes France Exclusive Track)videoklip1.9
PCD (2005)
Song [12] Video Rating
Don't Cha feat. Busta Rhymes2.3
Beep feat. Will.I.Amvideoklip2.4
Wait A Minutevideoklip1.6
I Don't Need A Manvideoklip1.9
Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)videoklip1.1
How Many Times, How Many Liesvideoklip1.2
Bite The Dustvideoklip1.2
Right Nowvideoklip1.4
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go1.2
Feelin' Goodvideoklip1.4

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