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Nilsen, Kurt

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A part of me (2004)
Song [10] Video Rating
Singing the song1.1
Day off1
My Street1.1
Never easy1.2
On My Mind1
Before you leave1
For You1
On the roadvideoklip1.1
A part of mevideoklip1
No Excuse1.1
I (2003)
Song [12] Video Rating
Here she comes1.1
All you have to offer1.1
Breathe U in1.2
Last day of summer1.1
Lost in despair1
The games we play1.3
Sue me1.2
Wedding's off1.1
Ordinary world Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue Ord1
She's So Highvideoklip1.5
Smell the roses1.2

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