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Mind in A Box - Revelations (2012) - Second Reality

Second Reality
Mind in A Box
Revelations (2012)

I thought in the end I had found a home
But it was all just an illusion
I thought this was where I would not be alone
Instead it plunged me deep into confusion

I thought there was always something to condone
But in the end I saw it would not work out
I considered those gloomy times to be gone
But now they were back, so beyond a doubt

I can feel all the barriers torn down
And all my thoughts, they feel so light and free
All the baggage that died with my last frown
To make way for a second reality

I can feel so much that has gone away
With that darkness no more a part of me
All the things I thought forced me to stay
Now forgotten with a past reality

I can feel it die away without sound
Like a fading image of a past me
With no place in the freedom I have found
Living in this second reality

But I need to leave my place below deck
So long have I felt it is long past twelve
When I need to turn and never look back
To go where I can just be myself

I know somewhere I skidded off the track
But I just could not see clearly back then
I need to leave behind all that slack
And find out once more who I really am


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