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Mind in A Box - Revelations (2012) - Cause And Effect

Cause And Effect
Mind in A Box
Revelations (2012)

Now I look back from far away
Thinking of that pivotal day
Back when I did not want to heed
Signs that were just there to read

Yet I do not know what to say
After so long I've not felt okay
But back then I felt like I could
Do anything that fit my mood

It was then when I did not see
That all the things you do can be
The source of so much loss and pain
Where you think only of your gain

Back when there was nothing else
Too blind to see my cap and bells
I caused so much that would come back
To haunt me till the end in black

I sit and stare into the dark
So sad I did not think to hark
To what was in the air long ago
Telling me to mend what I sow

The source of so much loss and pain
Where you think only of your gain

I have lost all along the line
And now there is just no more time
To ponder what might be the cause
Of what has at last made me pause


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