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Mentallo & The Fixer - Revelations 23 (1995) - Grim Reality

Grim Reality
Mentallo & The Fixer
Revelations 23 (1995)

Sick flesh for money and yet too young to conceive
just barely surviving this grim reality to be
death is her wish but she will not miss it
the yesterday memories of internal blisters
uncivil upbringing is no mystery to me
misguided youth bearing the truth for all to see

across the sea third world country
war a religious belief weapons will
mold a sickness in the soul
adolescent boy makes the death toll
life of filth bearing the guilt of
another grizzly atrocity
you see the future is now scarred but don't be alarmed
it is our fault anyway so why halt this assault
just realize blood will rain from the skies
right into the eyes of man

life is a grand thing can you do nothing but breed
you will succeed in this raping would you bring life into the light so carelessly
what a monstrosity grizzly atrocity
and if the world could change would you
rearrange your point of view?


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