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Mamas And The Papas

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People Like Us (1971)
Song [12] Video Rating
People Like Usvideoklip1.1
Pacific Coast Highway1
Snowqueen Of Texas0.9
Shooting Starvideoklip1
Step Outvideoklip0.9
Lady Genevieve1
No Dough1
European Blueboy1.1
I Wanna Be A Star1
Blueberries For Breakfast0.9
The Papas & The Mamas (1968)
Song [12] Video Rating
The Right Somebody To Love1
Safe In My Garden0.8
Meditation Mamavideoklip1.2
For The Love Of Ivyvideoklip0.9
Dream A Little Dream Of Mevideoklip1.1
Gemini Childevideoklip1.1
Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl0.9
Too Latevideoklip0.9
Twelve Thirtyvideoklip1
Midnight Voyagevideoklip1
Deliver (1967)
Song [12] Video Rating
Dedicated To The One I Lovevideoklip1
My Girlvideoklip1
Creeque Alleyvideoklip1.2
Sing For Your Supper1
Twist And Shoutvideoklip0.9
Free Advice1
Look Through My Windowvideoklip0.9
Boys & Girls Together1.1
String Manvideoklip1.3
Did You Ever Want To Cry?0.9
John's Music Box1
If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears (1966)
Song [12] Video Rating
Monday, Mondayvideoklip1.2
Straight Shootervideoklip0.9
Got A Feelin'0.9
I Call Your Namevideoklip0.9
Do You Wanna Dance0.9
Go Where You Wanna Go1
California Dreamin'videoklip1.4
Spanish Harlemvideoklip0.9
Somebody Groovyvideoklip1
Hey Girlvideoklip1
You Babyvideoklip0.9
The In Crowd0.8
The Mamas & The Papas (1966)
Song [12] Video Rating
No Salt On Her Tailvideoklip1
Trip, Stumble And Fall0.9
Dancing Bearvideoklip1
Words Of Lovevideoklip0.9
My Heart Stood Still1
Dancing In The Street0.9
I Saw Her Again Last Nightvideoklip1
Strange Young Girlsvideoklip1.1
I Can't Waitvideoklip1
Even If I Could0.8
That Kind Of Girl0.8
Once Was A Time I Thought1

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