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Magnetic Fields

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Realism (2010)
Song [13] Video Rating
You Must Be Out Of Your Mind0.9
We Are Having A Hootenanny1
I Dont Know What To Say0.9
The Dolls' Tea Party1.1
Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree1.2
Walk A Lonely Road0.9
Always Already Gone1.1
Seduced And Abandonedvideoklip1.2
Better Thingsvideoklip1.3
Painted Flower1.3
The Dada Polka1
From A Sinking Boat0.9
Distortion (2008)
Song [13] Video Rating
California Girlsvideoklip0.9
Old Fools0.9
Xavier Saysvideoklip1
Mr. Mistletoe1
Please Stop Dancing0.9
Drive On, Driver0.9
Too Drunk To Dreamvideoklip0.9
Till The Bitter End0.8
I'll Dream Alone0.9
The Nun's Litany0.8
Zombie Boy1
I (2004)
Song [14] Video Rating
I Die1
I Don't Believe You1
I Don't Really Love You Anymore0.9
I Looked All Over Town0.9
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend0.9
I Was Born1
I Wish I Had An Evil Twin1
If There's Such A Thing As Love0.9
I'm Tongue-Tied1
In An Operetta1
Infinitely Late At Night0.8
Is This What They Used To Call Love1
It's Only Time0.9
69 Love Songs (1999)
Song [23] Video Rating
Absolutely Cuckoo0.8
I Don't Believe In The Sunvideoklip0.8
All My Little Wordsvideoklip0.9
A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off0.8
Reno Dakota0.8
I Don't Want To Get Over You0.8
Come Back From San Francisco0.9
The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side0.8
Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits0.8
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be0.8
I Think I Need a New Heart0.8
The Book Of Lovevideoklip0.8
Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long0.8
How Fucking Romanticvideoklip0.9
The One You Really Love0.8
Punk Love0.8
Parades Go By0.9
Boa Constrictor1
A Pretty Girl Is Like...videoklip0.7
My Sentimental Melody0.9
Nothing Matters When We're Dancingvideoklip0.8
Sweet-Lovin' Man0.8
The Things We Did And Didn't Do0.8
Get Lost (1995)
Song [13] Video Rating
The Desparate Things You Made Me Do0.7
Smoke And Mirrors0.8
With Whom To Dance?0.8
You And Me And The Moon0.7
Don't Look Away0.8
Save A Secret For The Moon0.9
Why I Cry0.8
Love Is Lighter Than Air0.8
When You're Old And Lonely0.8
The Village In The Morning0.7
All The Umbrellas In London0.8
The Dreaming Moonvideoklip0.8
Holiday (1994)
Song [14] Video Rating
BBC Radiophonic Workshop0
Desert Island0.8
Deep Sea Diving Suit0.9
Strange Powersvideoklip0.7
Torn Green Velvet Eyes0.9
The Flowers She Sent And The Flowers She Said She Sent0.7
Swinging London1.1
In My Secret Place0.7
Sad Little Moon0.8
The Trouble I've Been Looking For0.9
Sugar World0.7
All You Ever Do Is Walk Away0.8
In My Car0.8
Take Ecstasy With Me0.8
The Charm Of The Highway Strip (1994)
Song [10] Video Rating
Lonely Highway0.8
Long Vermont Roads0.7
Born On A Train0.8
I Have The Moon0.8
Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song0.7
Crowd Of Drifters0.8
Fear Of Trains0.8
When The Open Road Is Closing In0.8
Sunset City0.8
Dust Bowl0
The House Of Tomorrow (1992)
Song [5] Video Rating
Young And Insane0.7
Technical (You're So)0.7
Alien Being0.8
Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring0.9
Either You Don't Love Me Or I Don't Love You0.7
The Wayward Bus (1992)
Song [10] Video Rating
When You Were My Baby0.8
The Saddest Story Ever Told0.7
Lovers From The Moon0.9
Tokyo À Go-Go0.8
Summer Lies0.9
Old Orchard Beach0.8
Dancing In Your Eyes0.8
Suddenly There Is A Tidal Wave0.8
Distant Plastic Trees (1991)
Song [11] Video Rating
Railroad Boy0.8
Smoke Signals0.8
You Love To Fail0.8
Babies Falling0.8
Living In An Abandoned Firehouse With You0.7
Tar-Heel Boy0.8
Falling In Love With The Wolfboy0.7
100,000 Fireflies0.8
Plant White Roses (omitted from the reissue with The Wayward Bus)0.8

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