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Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus (2007) - Amen

Kid Rock
Rock N Roll Jesus (2007)

It's another night in hell
Another child won't live to tell
Can you imagine what it's like to starve to death

And as we sit free and well
Another soldier has to yell
Tell my wife and children
I love them in his last breath

C'mon now amen, amen, amen, amen

Habitual offenders
Scumbag lawyers with agendas
I'll tell you sometimes people
I don't know what's worse
Natural disasters
Or these wolves-in-sheep-clothed pastors
Now God damn it I'm scared
To send my children to church

And how can we seek salvation
When our nation's race relations
Got me feeling guilty of being white
But faith in human nature
Our creator and our savior
I'm no saint but I believe in what is right

C'mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen

Stop pointing fingers
And take some blame
Pull your future
Away from the flame
Open up your mind and start to live
Stop short-changing your neighbors
Living off hand outs and favors, and maybe
Give a little bit more than you got to give

Simplify, testify
Identify, rectify
And if I get high
Stop being so uptight
It's only human nature
And I am not a stranger
So baby won't you
Stay with me tonight

And when a calls away
To break the sound
I'm fading down
I need someone
Oh to be someone

They just sinking down
And holding back
I hold the dawn and run
They don't save a child
Oh, to save a child

It's a matter of salvation
From them patience up above
So don't give up so damn easy
On the one you love (one you love)
Somewhere you got a brother, sister
Friend, grandmother, niece or nephew
Just dying to be with you
You know there's someone out there
Who unconditionally, religiously loves you
So just hold on 'cause you know it's true
And if you can take the pain
And you can withstand anything
And one day stand
Hand in hand with the truth

I said amen, I said amen
I said amen, I said amen


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