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Kid Rock - Cocky (2001) - Baby Come Home

Baby Come Home
Kid Rock
Cocky (2001)

i got them love sick blues, yall'
man, i cant find my baby
i think she took off, with another man
i been around the world lookin

Ya know i checked in new york city
on the streets and on the subways
and i looked around that tired town to find the one who loved me
i looked out in the hamptons
thought she'd be hangin with them rich folks
but no she was'nt anywhere hanging on the east coast

i wish my baby come home
i want my baby come home
i wish my baby come home
i want my baby, yeah my baby to come back home

man, you know i love that girl

i checked down through the southern plains
from alabam to georgia
honey if you hear this, please know i'm looking for you
i checked with all my rebel friends
i looked around for weeks
and i swear until i find her
i wont eat and i wont sleep

i want my baby come home
i want my baby come home
i want my baby come home
i wish my baby, yeah my baby would come back home

i went, from alburque to maine
didnt find a damn thing

so i looked in california
up and down the coast
i looked all over hollywood, and was'nt even close
never found nothing so i came home
home to detroit city
and their she was sitting on my porch and baby looked so pretty

now my babys back home
yeah my baby came home
yeah my babys back home
i'm so happy, that my baby is finaly home


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