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Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is (2005) - Situations

Keyshia Cole
The Way It Is (2005)

She can't love you,
Like I love you

When it started, it was simple
Coming through, cuz I missed you
And I couldn't wait to kiss you
I tried to play shy a little
By not tryin to move fast and not too slow
Because I know, you're the kinda guy
I see you already got me

She could never be (oh no)
Half as good as me (lemme show)
You know what I mean
Cuz I'm the real thing (and I got to have you)

Been here by your side
Been for you day and night
Can't understand why
you're not my man but
I should be your girl

Oh, I'm fallin in love again
G*ddamn we kissed again
And went a lil bit further in
I thought this girl was just a friend
I need my baby here
Cuz can't nobody love me like he can

"Ay whats happenin, look like I'm running a lil late I got caught up in the middle of something, but I'm still tryna come see you later on though"

Now it late damn, don't talk
Mamas on the phone getting sparked
I'm about to jump in my car,
and come and see you (But holding back)
I miss you, I'm letting go tonight
Oh, and baby I need you
And nothing can stop me
I'm too close in

Everything you do (got me going)
Crazy over you (but you know)
I can't stand the fact (that she is)
She's always on your back (so whats up)
So what you gonna do?
Cuz I'm really feeling you
And boy I need to know
If you think that I should be your girl


She can't love you,
Like I love you

Damn shorty, I got my mind on my money and the hood got me tied up
Plus, my baby mama keep me fired up
These other broads probably get me riled up
But a fly n*gga can see that you?s a ridah
That's how you got me creepin and crawlin
Deep into the dark at 6 in the morning
We in the zone deep and we all in tryna get it on and the b*tch keep callin
And she be killin me low, I see you try to fight it but you feelin me though
Look, lemme hit you right back, I'ma pick you up in the back
I know you like that

I should be your girl



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