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Kevorkian Death Cycle - Collection For Injection (2000) - Man Made

Man Made
Kevorkian Death Cycle
Collection For Injection (2000)

a cell taking over my tangled broken body ~ they couldn't believe me when they saw how i
rotted ~ i kneel to the priestess and i kneel to my rite ~ i saw you staring back at me with an
angel in the firelight ~ a virus taking over me, a cure sent to the sea ~ they said a prayer to my
corpse and left me to disease ~ looking to the ground with his head between his knees ~ the
burning inside him, he said "take caution please" ~ no frustration, don't act in slow motion,
amputate, radiate ~ give back my sun beam, my bloodstream, my blaspheme ~ it's too late,
don't live on emotion, take your fate inside devotion ~ just cause, and it's just the same, no one
to blame and no one to feel it ~ i can swim these seas and no one will follow ~ it's just the illness
talking, must keep on walking ~ and don't pretend, it's only the end ~ please stay with me, don't
deceive me ~ the earth, the sky, the tears in my eyes ~ the failures creeping and i keep
weakening ~ god! it's a mountain, a mountain of loneliness ~ heel me but don't cheat me ~ hey
kid! take a look at me. don't run i'm a clown ~ the thin repulsive aching coward ~ the thing you
hate to see in your dreams ~ don't let me in the confusion ~ i've watched the frozen days of
tomorrow ~ the sun stays lit outside of my grave.


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