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Kevorkian Death Cycle - Collection For Injection (2000) - Faithless

Kevorkian Death Cycle
Collection For Injection (2000)

do the children know that the light is outside? ~ the man bringing down the mountain ~ his fire takes control of the air ~ the cities rise raping clear blue skies ~ while the tanker in the desert glares ~ no one can take a piece of me ~ i'm immortal, the judgment, possessed ~ what you empower i devour ~ while we slowly regress ~ draining the rain from the brain ~ the loosed cloud of the anti-existant ~ and a saint a mirror to the sinner, ~ tugging at the air a stench of regret ~ i stare like a gun in the face of a god who has raped the daughter of man ~ don't believe in what you see or what you hear ~ it will force you down to the ground ~ the guilt weavers, the cheap deceivers, the children writing at the sound ~ they drink your blood as they turn you on ~ they drink your blood as they turn you ~ kiss me, feel the touch of my claws ~ hold me close, i will keep you save ~ take heed - run for your life ~ give back the flesh ~ no, i have taken the blood. give back the resurrection... no return.


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