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Hi Standard

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Angry Fist (1997)
Song [14] Video Rating
Fighting Fists, Angry Soul1.7
Stop The Time1.7
Endless Trip1.6
My Sweet Dog2
Shy Boy1.5
My Heart Feels Free1.5
The Kids Are Alright1.5
Gotta Pull Myself Together1.6
Start Todayvideoklip1.7
Sunshine Baby2.1
Pathetic Man's Song1.6
Have You Ever Seen The Rainvideoklip1.8
The Sound Of Secret Minds1.6
Spread Your Sailvideoklip1.6
Growing Up (1996)
Song [14] Video Rating
Summer Of Lovevideoklip1.8
Wait For The Sun1.7
Who'll Be The Next1.6
Saturday Nightvideoklip1.7
I'm Walkin`1.8
Maximum Overdrive1.6
Growing Up1.6
Tell Me Something, Happy News1.5
New Lifevideoklip1.7
My Own Fuckin' Way1.7
Kiss Me Againvideoklip1.7
Sunny Day1.6
Dance In The Brightly Moonlight1.5

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