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Heaven And Hell - The Devil You Know (2009) - Bible Black

Bible Black
Heaven And Hell
The Devil You Know (2009)

At last alone his fire's dying, burned another day
Now to pretend and make up an ending, somewhere far away

He reached for a book all bound in leather
Something that he knows he's never read
And the first page says beware you've found the answer
The next one says I wish that you were dead
Don't go on, put it back, you're reading from the Bible Black

What's this word I see, who are you and who are me
Maybe I just stumbled in the dark
I must have been out cold, but the way the story's told
They found me lying naked in the rain, yeah

Let me go, I've seen religion, but the light has left me blind
Take me back, I must have the Bible Black

Well here I go again, from the start and to the end
I wish I could remember what I've done
Now here's another spell, it could take me straight to Hell
And I feel I'm getting closer to my home

Let me go, I've found the diction, and it makes me feel alive
Take me back, I must have the Bible Black

He locks himself away and tastes the silence
Hungry for another bite of wrong
And just the word, "Oh Lord please take me with you"
Took him to a place we don't belong
Let him go, he can't come back, he's reading from the Bible Black

So if your fire's dying, and what's the use of trying
I may know another place that you can go
It's hiding in the pages, but you may not come back
You're reading from the Bible Black


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