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World Under World (2004)
Song [10] Video Rating
Under Wings Of The Fallen Onevideoklip1.4
The End Of Eternityvideoklip1.5
Imaginary Sinsvideoklip1.5
The Fallvideoklip1.7
Bleeding Heart's Poetryvideoklip1.4
I Closed Your Door1.4
Noxious Humanity1.4
Insanity Suffering1.4
Sex In The Underworld1.4
The Grave Is The Lastvideoklip1.4
From Ashes And Dust (2002)
Song [10] Video Rating
From Ashes1.5
Strong One Against The Storm1.4
Dark Eroticavideoklip1.5
A Horned Man1.5
I'm The Everything1.4
I'm The Everything0
The Remembrance1.4
Armies Of Valinor1.4
Oblivion (2000)
Song [11] Video Rating
On The Wings Of Gwaihir1.4
Strokes Of Desire1.5
As Your Body Burns1.4
The Evening... ...And Then Came The Night1.5
My December1.6
It Ends When The Moon Loses Its Facevideoklip1.5
Rivers Of Olivion1.7
The Mirror Of The Ages (1999)
Song [9] Video Rating
The Forest Lullabyvideoklip1.5
The Flower And Dark Butterflyvideoklip1.6
Fear In Their Eyesvideoklip1.5
Twilight Timevideoklip1.4
In The Garden Of Lost Shadesvideoklip1.5
Vampirian Lovevideoklip1.5
Lost Paths Of Unicornsvideoklip1.5
The Battle By Wogastisburgvideoklip1.7

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