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Front Line Assembly - Epitaph (2001) - Everything Must Perish

Everything Must Perish
Front Line Assembly
Epitaph (2001)

Through the smoke I see the trees
no one left for us to please
a perfect world where no one dies
go to heaven with your lies

wasted and confused
I walk around with a shortened fuse
a fire burns inside my head
is this living or am I dead ?
In my dreams i see the end
a perfect circle never bends
As time and hope erode our fears
I close my eyes for one last tear

Tomorrow may never come
mountains clash in the sun
the freezing snow starts to melt
a quiet moment to myself
Reflecting somewhere in the past
i hope this feeling will always last
a paradise we stand alone
forgotten king without a throne
a bird takes flight now out of sight
the sun catches its shadow

Above in the air is no despair
we are waiting for the moment
a darkened shadow hides my face

i hope i won't forget this place
this burning sky that we call home
in the end we stand alone
come alive come alive, Breath




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