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Dismemberment Plan

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Emergency & I (1999)
Song [12] Video Rating
A Life Of Possibilities1.7
Memory Machinevideoklip1.7
What Do You Want Me To Say1.9
Spider In The Snowvideoklip1.7
The Jitters1.7
I Love A Magicianvideoklip1.8
You Are Invitedvideoklip2.1
The Cityvideoklip2
Girl O'Clockvideoklip1.9
8 1/2 Minutes1.7
Back And Forthvideoklip1.9
Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified
Song [11] Video Rating
Tonight We Mean It1.5
That's When The Party Started1.5
The Ice Of Boston1.9
Academy Awardvideoklip1.5
Do The Standing Stillvideoklip1.6
This Is The Lifevideoklip1.4
One Too Many Blows To The Head1.7
It's So You1.7
Manipulate Me1.6
Respect Is Due1.6

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