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Demis Roussos

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Demis (2009)
Song [10] Video Rating
September (I'm On My Way)0
On My Pillow0
Love Is0
What They Say0.8
Hello, Hello0
Hit Me0
I'll Be Home0
Spoiled Brat0
Help Me0
Who Gives A Fuck0
Spring Summer Winter And Fall (2006)
Song [16] Video Rating
Rain And Tearsvideoklip1
Forever And Ever1.4
My Friend The Wind0.7
We Shall Dance0.8
Lovely Lady Of Arcadiavideoklip1.3
Goodbye My Love Goodbyevideoklip1.7
Spring Summer Winter And Fall0
I Want To Live0.8
Morning Has Broken0
My Reasonvideoklip1
It's Five O'clockvideoklip0.8
Velvet Morningsvideoklip0.9
Island Of Lovevideoklip0.9
Summer In Her Eyes0
The Universal Master Collection (2005)
Song [18] Video Rating
Rain And Tears0
It's Five O'clock0
We Shall Dance0
My Reason1
Le Peintre Des étoiles0
Forever And Ever1.4
Velvet Mornings0
Goodbye My Lovevideoklip1.3
Someday Somewhere0
Let It Be Mevideoklip0.2
My Only Fascination0
Lovely Lady Of Arcadiavideoklip1.1
With You0
From Souvenirs To Souvenirsvideoklip1.2
Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun0.9
Mourir Auprès De Mon Amourvideoklip1.3
I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself0
The Singles (2003)
Song [22] Video Rating
We Shall Dancevideoklip0.8
Fire and Ice0
No Way Out0
My Reason0.7
Forever and Evervideoklip0.8
Velvet Mornings0.8
Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye0.9
My Friend the Windvideoklip0.8
Schönes Mädchen aus Arcadiavideoklip1.1
Someday Somewherevideoklip1
My Only Fascinationvideoklip0.8
Auf Wiederseh'n0.9
With You0.8
When Forever Has Gonevideoklip0.9
Schön wie Mona Lisa (wenn ich ein Maler wär')0
From Souvenirs to Souvenirs0.8
Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun0.9
So Dreamyvideoklip0.9
Can't Say How Much I Love You0
Far Away0.8
Never Say Goodbye Again0
Greatest Hits (1985)
Song [16] Video Rating
We Shall Dancevideoklip0.8
My Reasonvideoklip0.9
Forever and Evervideoklip0.7
Goodbye, My Love, Goodbyevideoklip1
My Friend the Wind0.8
Velvet Mornings0.8
Lovely Lady of Arcadia0.7
Someday Somewhere0.8
My Only Fascination0.8
Sing an Ode to Love0.9
From Souvenirs to Souvenirs0.8
Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun0.8
Mourir Aupres de Mon Amourvideoklip1.2
Ainsi Soit-Ilvideoklip1.1
Lost in Love (feat. Florence Warner)videoklip0.8
Souvenirs (1980)
Song [11] Video Rating
Sing An Ode To Lovevideoklip1.1
Midnight Is The Time I Need You0
Ill Be Your Friend0
Action Lady0
Winter Rains0.9
From Souvenirs To Souvenirsvideoklip0.8
Trying To Catch The Wind0
White Wings 'Asa Branca'0
Tell Me Now0
Happy To Be (1976)
Song [11] Video Rating
This Time It Isn't Au Revoir0
Mary Was An Only Child0.8
So Dreamy0.8
Funny Man0
Can't Say How Much I Love You0
Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun0.8
Bahia Blue0
Far Awayvideoklip1.1
Lovely Love De Paris0
Forever And Ever (1973)
Song [10] Video Rating
Forever And Ever0.8
My Friend The Wind0.8
My Reason0.9
Lay It Down0
Lonely Sunny Days0
Lost In A Dreamvideoklip0.9
Velvet Mornings1
When I Am A Kidvideoklip0.8
Goodbye My Love Goodbye0.9
It's Five O'Clock (1969)
Song [9] Video Rating
It's Five O'clock0
Wake Upvideoklip1.1
Take Your Time0
Let Me Love, Let Me Live0
Funky Mary0
Good Time So Fine0
Marie Jolie0
Such A Funny Nightvideoklip1.1
End Of The World (1968)
Song [9] Video Rating
End Of The World1.1
Don't Try To Catch A River0
Mister Thomas0
Rain And Tearsvideoklip0
The Grass Is No Green0
Valley Of Sadnessvideoklip1
You Always Stand In My Way0
The Shepherd And The Moon1
Day Of The Fool0

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