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Deine Lakaien - White Lies (2002) - Prayer

Deine Lakaien
White Lies (2002)

Ignored her anxious eyes
zippered her pants
one of his routine lies
took her hands
I must be off
she was the only one
short before closing
he was the drunken one
without looking
no time for scuff

Lord you gave us mother nature
that gave us the right to hate you
we found out what we were made from
we set out create a better one

She was not the pretty one
remained alone
and when her child was born
stayed on her own
and still in love
she had to rush about
make their living
there was no time for doubts
for misgiving
her heart in love

Lord you gave us mother nature?

She had to make a stop
put down her bag
this day was far too hot
must have a break
just a silent moaning
blow at her fibula
snatch the handle
thanks to you grandma
off he was
just a silent groaning

Lord you gave us mother nature?

Her genetic code
storage room
just a single note
on her form
low grade and old
someone found it there
took it home
had a bright idea
ine billion clones
with a heart of gold

Lord you gave us mother nature?




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