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Deine Lakaien - Acoustic (1995) - Wasted years

Wasted years
Deine Lakaien
Acoustic (1995)

Walking down this well known street
turning 'round for ladies feet
like you did so many years ago
sitting in that street cafe
where you had your cup of tea
come on boy don't get sentimental now
everything changed but you didn't move on
and the only fact is
that you're fifteen years older now

No use to turn out the lights
you feel so depressed inside
when you think of your wasted years at night

Standing in your discotheque
look since hours straight ahead
play the part of some young and lonesome star
introverted more and more
waiting for a small hello
people next to you they seem so far
but deep inside you made love to the world
'cause your imagination
was bigger than reality

No use to turn out...

When you came into that town
you found everything so fine
all your projects shall be realized
but your day-dreams strangled you
kept you from what you had to do
and life went on while you wereśysed
heaven knows you would give all you have
for the change to go back to those days for a new beginning

No use to turn out...

Walking down...

Better you leave the places of your past
'cause dreamers love cities and citie hate dreamers

No use to turn out...




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