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Bumblefoot - Normal (2005) - Thank You

Thank You
Normal (2005)

Thank you for being such a friend
You're by my side through thick and thin
And when these days come to an end
I know I'll be with you again
For all the times we're up and down
You know you never let me down
We've turned the page so many times
There's still so much more left to write

Thank you for all you let me be
And for euphoric memories
For the 15 minutes of fame
And all the pretty ugly things
For filling empty rooms with light
And for the sins thrown in the sea
For flowing in and out my eyes
And the taste of life between my teeth

I'll say it now while I still have the opportunity to breathe
I suffocated for so long and then you gave my heart its beat
We may be oceans far apart but deep inside you're still with me
I know we'll always be together every time I hear you sing...

A spinning world that never stops
The pushin' pushin' till we drop
The miracle of endless days
Music that never goes away
It keeps my spirit livin' on
With you in every song
So thank you and goodnight
Till I see you again on the other side...






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