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Bumblefoot - Normal (2005) - Life Inside Your Ass

Life Inside Your Ass
Normal (2005)

I wanna tell ya what's on my mind
But I'm hopin' baby you can read between the lines
I got this vibe that I hope aint true
But the things ya say don't line up with the things you do
I'm always waitin' for your shit to pass
And it's gettin' like I'm livin' life inside your ass

Ya think you're keepin' me in the dark
But I'm seein' more more more than I want to
Ya want me in a place where I can't read your face
But I'm gettin' what ya got deep inside you
You may act like everything's alright
But down here at the bottom it's gettin' kinda tight

You don't listen to a word I say
I'm just a piece of something you keep locked away
Ya pull me out when you need a man
But I want more than to kill your bugs and lift your bags
Yeah, you keep makin', I keep takin' out your trash
And it's gettin' really crowded up inside your ass

I wanna tell ya what's on my mind...

I got your asshole around my neck
Still I'd rather suffocate than smell what's on your breath
You're so retentive and I'm in the queue
Just waitin' for your heart to come passin' through
But the more I stir it up the more it stinks up fast
And it's gettin' hard to breathe up here inside your ass

I wanna tell ya what's on my mind...

I don't know how long I'm gonna last
I need somethin' to hold, not a bunch of gas
I'm down here waitin' and it's so frustratin'
Guess this is what it's like to live inside your ass
Yeah, you know where to find me - up inside your ass
I don't know how long I'm gonna last






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