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Blind Guardian

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Beyond The Red Mirror (2015)
Song [12] Video Rating
The Ninth Wave2.3
Twilight Of The Gods1.9
At The Edge Of Time1.9
Ashes Of Eternity2.1
Distant Memories1.9
Holy Grail2.1
The Throne1.9
Sacred Mind2.1
Miracle Machine2.2
Grand Parade2.1
At The Edge Of Time (2010)
Song [9] Video Rating
Sacred Worldsvideoklip1.5
Wheel of Timevideoklip1.5
Curse My Namevideoklip1.5
A Voice in the Darkvideoklip1.5
Control the Devine0
War Of Thronesvideoklip1.5
Road Of No Releasevideoklip1.4
Ride Into Obsessionvideoklip1.4
At Night At The Opera (2002)
Song [10] Video Rating
Precious Jerusalemvideoklip2.1
Under The Icevideoklip2.1
Sadly Sings Destinyvideoklip2.1
The Maiden And The Minstrel Knightvideoklip2.2
Wait For An Answervideoklip2
The Soulforgedvideoklip2.2
Age Of False Innocencevideoklip2
Punishment Divinevideoklip2
And Then There Was Silencevideoklip2.1
Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)
Song [11] Video Rating
Time What Is Timevideoklip4.3
Journey Through The Darkvideoklip3.8
Black chambervideoklip4.2
Theatre Of Painvideoklip3.6
The Quest For Tanelornvideoklip3.8
Ashes To Ashesvideoklip3.9
The Bard's Song - In The Forestvideoklip4.8
The Bard's Song - The Hobbitvideoklip4
Somewhere Far Beyondvideoklip3.6
Spread Your Wings (Queen Cover)videoklip4.1
Trial By Fire (Satan Cover)videoklip3.7

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