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Ayria - Flicker (2005) - St. Edith

St. Edith
Flicker (2005)

I saw your shadow in the darkened hall
You walked right over me now knowing of your impending fall
And now they seek out you
They’re worshiping your eterenal pain
But with technology comes insecurity and a lack of faith

I’m here to calm you down, but it’s over

You’re in a tragic prison
So desperate to get out
I hope you find your way out
I’m scared you can’t exist

The worst is over now
You should go to sleep and try not to dream
I’d try to talk to you but I’m afraid of what you could bring
I know that one woman couldn’t change the world, but you’ve changed this girl
A tortured place to be, I hope that you can find what you need

I’m here to calm you down, but it’s over

And if you’re trying to find me, you’ve found me




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