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Ayria - Flicker (2005) - Pink Dress

Pink Dress
Flicker (2005)

Now it’s all black
And feeling will conquer logic
So I crept out the back
Hopefully no one noticed

They said it’s suicide
She’s trapped inside her mind
She tastes like cyanide, poisoned right through
I said I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do
You saw right through me
It’s something I could never do

I thought you would laugh, but nothing prepared me for this
When nature strikes back, who knew she would be so wicked?

She looks so peaceful now
Just like a doll somehow
But they don’t see what I can see
She got to them and now she’s coming for me
She said disappear now, that’s something I’m good at, too
If you don’t keep quiet, they just might hear you too

I looked up to you, idolized all you do
Was I the one that you pinned this on?
Well you won’t get to blame me anymore

It looks like suicide
She’s trapped inside her mind
But they don’t see what I can see
That she’s poisoned right through

I told you that I don’t know where she could be, but I know that she is laughing down at me
They whispered, “This one looks smug in a pink dress”
I fled the scene
She’s innocent but she’s a mess

Now it’s all black and feelings will conquer logic
When nature strikes back, who know she would be so wicked?




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