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Ayria - Flicker (2005) - Lovely Day

Lovely Day
Flicker (2005)

I’ve been listening to this song for hours and my head aches but that doesn’t stop me
It keeps repeating and now my eyes burn
They have turned red and I do this to myself
I should get out but there’s nowhere to go on a Tuesday night
This restless feeling, there is no cure for so I wait…

It’s a lovely day to never feel this way again
And will I ever find someone who understands my mind?
I don’t think so
It’s just a sea of faces and vacant stares and they will never have to be in this place again

I have your number but I won’t call it
I fear rejection more than being alone
I’m almost nauseous
Maybe I’m dying?
Over dramatic, but that’s what happens when you have too much time to think about the end
The lights look blurry now and the cars pass me by on an energetic street that I have no part of

I will wait for you to find me but I know you never will
I will seek to you to save me but I know you never will
I will try to regain passion but I’m faltering
I will try to overcome this but I’m overwhelmed again




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