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Atom Tha Immortal - Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009) - Palenque (featuring Righteouz Knight)

Palenque (featuring Righteouz Knight)
Atom Tha Immortal
Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009)

We're standing stronger than a Mayan wall/
Even the mightiest of empires fall/
One day the Son of Man will conquer us all/
But until the sun turns black, we follow the call/
And spit it with our all/
..Holy hemoglobin, the chosen/
Holding down our area/
Like the men in Iran/
In the streets of Tehran/
Shouting "Death to America"/
This is the way I speak divine/
And you can listen to lyrics of the living G-d channeled through my rhymes/

In the jungle fortress/
Move with unbelieveable speed/
And the strategies of Sun Tzu/
Making your troops bleed/
Easy infiltration/
Penetrated your front lines/
The bloodlines of the Nations/
Speak of holy design/
And the code of Noah/
The genome of Jehovah/
The Son of David giving mankind signs of Jonah/
The cobra/
Would strike his heel with head raised/
While the bruised foot would step on his face like wine grapes/
The day of disaster comes/
A red dawn/
When a million locusts spawn and follow Apollyon/
Abbadon in the Hebrew/
..My mindset is like the Greek people/
When I seek democratically equal/
Ways of protecting the land from plots of evil/
And families of entrenched wealth like Rothschilds/
Tell me son/
What will your pimp status reveal/
When you see a third of mankind maimed, tortured and killed/


...Strike like a prison attack/
I only worship Shield of Abraham, follow the Fear of Itzakh/
Control like Israeli blockades on West Bank/
And retaliate like Abu Musab on foreign tanks/
..We never put the food to our face without thanks/
Never break ranks/
You could never stop me/
I'm like the mind of Noam Chomsky/
In the body frame of Andrei Arlovski/
Smiling at the camera when the beast watch me/
...Meditating on a kingdom of peace/
With a living redeemer/
Sitting at the table to feast/
The many take their seats/
Gathered from the west and the east/
And celebrate the Lamb bathing in the blood of the Beast/
Your cities collapse, but you never considered the signs/
Or equated the fate of mankind with limited time/
The dollar declines/
But you don't see the warnings behind/
The warning signs/
But when Babylon burns where will you hide/


Righteouz Knight:
Double Edge and the Secta swarm, like some sort of holy Deseptaconz/
Terminating plagues that are guaranteed to affect us all/
Death is a promise when speaking secular topics/
Like if Jesus was a prophet in the eyes of all islamics/
While the spirit circulates through out the gloriouz windz/
Accepting doctrines that be venomouz like scorpion stingz/
Do you believe in what you see or do you see what you believe/
Do you speak upon the masses and promote the prince of thieves/
Eternal fallacies the serpant's bombing Iraqi buildings/
Not to mention all the debris killing Iraqi children/
And your empire falls a devilish paradigm/
With several sudden diseases attacking like paroxizm/
With divine dialoge we stand stronger than a Mayan wall/
Staring at the Temple of Inscriptions when I exalt/
Tell me son, what would your pimp status reveal/
When your family's infected with snake bites that kill.


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