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Atom Tha Immortal - Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009) - Organizate (La Lucha Sigue) (featuring Redencion)

Organizate (La Lucha Sigue) (featuring Redencion)
Atom Tha Immortal
Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009)

As I sit and watch my life unfold/
I contemplate a quarter century/
Realize the path that G-d has meant for me/
Has not always been an easy remedy/
But I thank Yeshua Hamoshiac for conquering all my enemies/
And giving me purpose and destiny/
Because it wasn't meant for me/
To end up locked at a penitentiary/
Doing a bid/
Like the five years my Dad did when I was a kid/
Yo don't looked surprised cause I started speaking it real/
Cause the truth only hurts it's the lies that kill/
And Atom's facts'll hit you like a hollow point to the grill/
Or like Dick Cheney hunting with his friends in a field/
...The open veins of the continents we walk on/
Telling me that the story is the same/
Only the names have been rearranged/
From the Iroquois to the Aztec/
To the cat barely surviving off his last check/

Gotta, gotta organize/
We gotta organize, and gotta open up our eyes/
We gotta resist to exist/
We gotta conquer every fear cause we live this/
(x 2)

Your so-called "Free Trade"/
Benefits from the slave/
Relationships that you made/
With under-developed nations/
Been doing the same, cause that's your way/
Ever since the days/
They exchanged sugar for slaves inside your trade/
...And today you're pushing aid/
In the form of foreign investments/
But it don't make sense/
Cause if you're gonna make a profit, it means that you get/
More money exiting the colony than you ever sent/
In terms of wages and the construction costs spent/
And so you get a net flow of wealth/
From the poor to the rich/
From the shores of Ecuador to Madrid/
The same basic economic domination persists/
Now you flood their markets with cheap goods/
So the native industry can never develop the way it should/
We part ways on progress/
I'd rather follow the path and method envisioned by Hugo Chavez/


Este es el momento perfecto para atacar
los sentimientos renegados que puedan concientisar
porque ya es mucha la gente que esta estupefacta, perdida
busca en tu ser y veras que alli esta la salida

Dejas que te muevan hechandote para atras
porque en tu mente crees deberles alguna oportunidad
y es que dejaste familia y buscaste salida, si
no es tuya la culpa, no puedes dejarte sentir, que

Ellos te reprimen y abusan de tus derechos
y hoy explotan a tu gente causando empobrecimiento
luchas en sus guerras, tus hijos son los que mueren
ellos con un muro pretenden agradecerte

Y ahora estan quejandose, dicen que les has robado
que el trabajo era de ellos y todo se lo has quitado
no se lo permitas y lucha por tus derechos
organiza con tu gente un despertar del pueblo entero



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