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Atom Tha Immortal - Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009) - Nazca (featuring Canibus)

Nazca (featuring Canibus)
Atom Tha Immortal
Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009)

From the black heart of Peru/
Atom'll strike violent/
To leave bystanders to stagger in stages of silence/
.It's the verbal essence of weaponry/
Superior intellectual clarity/
Manifesting my rarity/
I'm like a spacetime singularity/
When I shine/
Molding thoughts/
Of all ethereal portions/
Like Adam pouring/
Out forces that formed heavenlies/
..Mapping Hebrew letters and sounds from their energy/

Thoughts are sacred like the Hebrew Signs/
"I'm like Einstein, 150 times magnified/
Nikola Tesla, and John Von Neumann/
All wrapped up in the body of one human."/
Thoughts amazing like the Nazca lines/
"I'm like Einstein, 150 times magnified/
Nikola Tesla, and John Von Neumann/
All wrapped up in the body of one human."/

Your normal thought can't even battle me/
I drastically alter anatomy/
Of humanity's previous intellectual thought capacity/
Capturing lyrics/
..a grammatical matador/
My renditions a premonition/
Of violent visions of War/
Warriors of the sword/
Lyrical munitions piercing the core/
Of dragon skin, like the weapon of St. George/
..You want to follow count the cost/
Me and my crew are forced to war daily with soldiers of Satanas/
Bringing truth to your mosque/
Of Yeshua's physical death on a cross/
And resurrection/
..Mic Comprehension/
Is so deep, it'll shatter the thought of the normal thinker/
Move through the valley with songs of the Inca/
..Talk in intervals, spilling my ill thoughts/
...Iller than an animal minus immune response/
Iller than the leprosy cells giving you skin spots/
Iller than the plague that spread during the Renaissance/


Glory to Yeshua HaMashiach/
The Risen/
Iron and Steel Scepter/
Walking this earth like a leper/
With scars from a Roman regiment/
Whipping with glass, leather, blades, and steel/
Embedded and tethered to sever the flesh/
..But my flesh, buried my body in pleasure/
Till I walked the earth with the animal heart of Nebuchadnezzar/
Animal soul/
Controlling my ethereal goal/
..Making me walk contrary to the Gospel of old/
.The wisdom of G-d's scrolls/
Greater than gold/
And greater than riches foretold/
Through the prophets of G-d's fold/
..Greater than the world your can gain by losing your soul/
Rubies and diamonds cannot compare/
.The true worth of an adam/
Is only fathomed when the design is analyzed/
Refuting of self-organized organic lives/
Spontaneous generation is false/
..So I hit you with a mind/
Deeper than darkest regions of Sheol/
With neural kinetic patterns more energetic than Neo.




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