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Atom Tha Immortal - Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009) - Freedom (Hasta La Victoria)

Freedom (Hasta La Victoria)
Atom Tha Immortal
Son Of Slaves And Lords (2009)

Contra Poder is the way that my mic is killing it/
I feel it in my blood, body, bone marrow, brain and my spirit/
Another day for a slave/
Another day to torture you cats worse than the Arabs hidden in Abu Ghraib/
You can't escape your need to get paid/
You can't avoid a rat race when your body was born inside of a maze/
Your amazed at the oppressor's ways/
And so he uses/
The illegitimate love of money to make you useless/
You're too stupid to view it/
And I'm already too tired to try persuade you into a movement/
Class struggle is fierce, so we're fighting to prove son/
That equality in America's an illusion/
If you ain't got solutions for change/
Then you're part of the problem/
And you're holding my people back all the same/
So I hit merciless with the spirit of Gengis Khan/
When I rip, and I spit hot fire like Dylan/

Yeah, throw your cups in the sky/
Freedom is ours the moment we take it for you and I/
My ancestors fought and died/
For freedom/
Like Ramon Montañez against the plantation owners that used to beat him/
So, throw your fist in the sky/
Freedom is ours the moment we take it for you and I/
Your ancestors fought and died/
For freedom/
So you're gonna have to decide/
Whether you're gonna live FREE/

You can't be free if you're living inside a prison/
If you sell ism, or living dependent on the welfare system/
On what the governments giving your children to eat/
You can't be free/
If you're dependent on government meat/
Or government cheese/
You couldn't fight against the hand that feeds/
Even if that hand was molesting your seeds/
So we need to recognize what our lives would need/
In order to break the system like some HIV/
We need to be architects, mathmaticians and students/
Lawyers, physicians,and politicians, leaders who can create movement/
And steady improve, the position of humans on this continent/
Studying to be dominant/
Building our mental and physical armament/
They're gonna try attack us/
The moment we try to become autonomous/
But ain't no stopping this/
And so we take aim/
Cause our ancestors died in order to break chains/


...Atom'll strike with a pen/
In the military tradition of the EZLN/
You better befriend/
Or better be prepared to defend/
Against the slave owners coming to rule your people again/
It's the same struggle/
..From Angola to the barrios of Peru/
They're using ignorance as a tool/
To fool men into chasing after sex and jewels/
While keeping their privilege protected by political moves/
But I refuse to allow them to conquer my values/
Telling me a shiny rock is more important than food/
So instead I study to show myself a workman approved/
And I remain 10 steps ahead of their game like Deep Blue/
You're Kasparov/
While Atom is molotov/
Trying to incite incendiary aggression in a mob/
And trying to keep my people pointed at G-d/
Cause he's the only basis for equality, liberty, justice and law.

(Chorus x 2)




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