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Atari Teenage Riot - The Future Of War (1997) - Heatwave

Atari Teenage Riot
The Future Of War (1997)

1, 2, 3, 4!
Try my identity - you wanna kill yourself - you gonna see!
I captured you in your TV - your beauty is your worst enemy!
Don't even try to be! avoid the shit and give the key
never listen to what you say! I never gonna die for Germany!
I'm like a heatwave burning thru your heart...
I look in the mirror and what do I see?
it will all end in anarchy!
I feel the wankers speeding up the truth
and the pussies eating up the fools
stop telling me the bullshit of conspiracy
you seem as naive as democracy...
I'm like a heatwave
I'm like a heatwave they say...
Let's go!
May I ask you? where are the results?
Where are the results?????????????????
As I left the supermarket two policemen grapped me and they said:
"You're the cunt that we were waiting for..."
they didn't need a reason they never do...
the state uses violence to keep everything in their order!
We don't use violence to find a role in this society!
We use violence to beat this society
boredom causes a stillstand - no movement -
See what you get outta this...
Tell me the truth!!!!
tell me the truth!!!!!!
heatwave!!! heatwave!!! I'm like a heatwave they say!!!!




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