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Astrid Haven - 57xt474 (2002) - Ingrown Shadow

Ingrown Shadow
Astrid Haven
57xt474 (2002)

Footprints on the ceiling and a hurt machine
Forget your needs
fingerpaint stain just to kill the clean
Tunnel trees
Pixie dust to fly, knives to rape the beasts
Happy thoughts
Manners can die so long as I can breathe
Tick tick tock
Where did you go when you left today
Grind up the skin for the kids to play
To lost to care for being found again
Bleed the hand of morals feeding sin

Dream of a genocide so you can sleep
Pretty child
The pitter patter of the pixie feet
You bait your hook but I will catch the prey
Wind the clock
We'll leave you handles when we fly away
Hear the crock

I tried to catch my shadow to sow it back again
But we flew to far away from Neverland
Kill the thimble hide the kiss from the apathy
I never want to grow up to be the enemy

Second star on the right so we fly so dirty
You don't believe so we die and we die so dirty
Bullet to the head again it's fun to play
Virgin in the barrel so we're steral and we run away
We win again and it's okay to crow
We live and die but we will never grow
Mommy claiming loved until she went away
Daddy was the hero but he died today


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