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As Friends Rust - As Friends Rust - Coffee Black

Coffee Black
As Friends Rust
As Friends Rust

You like your coffee black,
your neighborhood white,
your lights are out at nine o' clock at night.
Are you affraid of everything, or just the truth?
You've got pre-packaged food,
Family Feud, faith in the church,
and a good clean attitude.
Are you affraid of everything, or just the truth?
The only problem that you've got,
is the night that Wheel of Fortune's not.
And the only thing you haven't bought,
are the people that are buying you.
You are the Moral Majority, devoid of moral priority.
You are Barbie Doll sorority.
You are the Boys' Club government.
How we lust familarity, speedy compact portability.
Every step that you take forward,
is a generation back for us.
We are the ugly.
We are the gay, Impoverished, effeminate, and overweight.
Take your consumer culture back from us.
It's a fucking economic attack on us all.
And the Football Season is the only reason you stay alive in your Prime Time beehive.




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