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Ark, The - In Lust We Trust (2002) - Vendelay

Ark, The
In Lust We Trust (2002)

Well it´s been half a year
Since my ball was properly stocked
And relations on whole
Haven´t quite been "oh so clock!"
But though you´re not the key
To this emotional lock
Thar still dorsn´t change the
values of your stocks

Now I hear people
Talking garbage about you
And as goes with such things
The most of it ain´t true
So I write this song just to say to you:
I believe in you, - I do, Vendelay

Now the word is on the street
That your ball gets properly stocked
And by word you concider it being
"oh so clock!"
Well I´m not your spokesman
But still a man of words
And no matter how untrue,
I know the garbage always hurts

I don´t know nowadays
What it takes to get me bewitched
For a person like me
Who´s just starving to get ditched
Let´s just hope that our ropes
Ain´t so firmly fixed
And if you´d asked me I´d say:
-Nix, Vendelay.

I know that life is very bad
When you´re picking up the pieces
Of what you had
And people say:
I want you, I want you, I want you!
Yeah, they want you all right,
-But just for a while.
But hang on in there
And you´ll pull it through
´Cause I believe in you, I do
And there´s a reason why I do, Vendelay




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