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Apartment 26 - Hallucinating (2000) - Slicedbeats

Apartment 26
Hallucinating (2000)

All of this here for me
With nothing left to be
Unwilling to succeed, my head up in the clouds
I feel I left behind when I set out to find a new beginning
But I feel I have betrayed you

I'm changing, and I'm nnot coming back
Distance yourself from me
Once you stop infinity
You had your chance an it passed

This is where it began, so this is where I am
So much has changed and nothing's changed at all (x2)

Through the stress you undress
You forgot how coming home all alone would have wrecked you
He is not who you thought you had wanted
But instead he is dead, resurrected
I feel I left behind when I set out to find a new beginning,
But I feel I betrayed you

You told me to go
But when I do, it's not good enough
You told me to learn
But when I try, it's too intrusive

Another one born today. Another one went away.
Another false hope today. Another hope went away.




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